Barbara was born & raised in upstate New York. She has now resided in the beautiful lake side community of Port Colborne, Ontario for 37 years. She worked professionally for over 18 years in a medical clinic assisting patients with their health care needs. When Barbara's own health took a journey of its own, she ventured into the arts. She is a self-taught visual artist; and has studied with various local artists as well. She is primarily inspired by the natural beauty of landscapes, seascapes; and ethereal skies.

"I have become what I've heard termed 'an accidental artist'. I've learned to allow for vulnerabilities & unplanned journeys in my growth as an artist. I have sought to create the art that floats just above my consciousness; and to capture these images that are swirling around in my dreams and heart. I hear a whisper in my soul, and it awakens an inspiration that must be released. The result is art with a strong healing component. I believe art heals both the creator and the owner."


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