Alcohol Ink, Encaustic, Watercolour

& Mixed Media Art​


Barbara Polc

Barbara was born & raised in western New York. She has now resided in the beautiful lake side community of Port Colborne, Ontario for 38 years. She worked professionally for over 18 years in a medical clinic assisting patients with their health care needs. When Barbara's own health took a journey of its own, she ventured into the arts. She is a self-taught visual artist; studied at Haliburton School of Art & Design; has been mentored by artists abroad, and locally as well. She is primarily inspired by the natural beauty of landscapes, seascapes; and ethereal skies.

"I have become what I've heard termed 'an accidental artist'. I've learned to allow for vulnerabilities & unplanned journeys in my growth as an artist. I have sought to create the art that floats just above my consciousness; and to capture these images that are swirling around in my dreams and heart. I hear a whisper in my soul, and it awakens an inspiration that must be released. The result is art with a strong healing component. I believe art heals both the creator and the owner."

Angel of Hope

Mixed Media Collage

My broad spectrum of work includes paintings created with alcohol ink, encaustic, watercolour, acrylic, mixed media, and collage. When working with alcohol inks and encaustic molten wax, the process is very much a dance of controlling the medium and surrendering to it. In doing so, my creative process becomes one of a delicate balancing act. I have an abiding passion for papers, textures, organic materials and fabrics. When I collage, my pieces often contain handmade papers, cards, tea bags, vintage buttons, fabric, hemp, cheese cloth; all torn, frayed, or stamped, to create an image with great dexterity and precision. I take an innovative approach to intricate detail, depth and texture for an outcome that flows.

My original works can be found in my Etsy Shop: ArtAndSoulByTheLake.Etsy.Com, or scattered about my home! To purchase prints:; or contact me and I will arrange for a quality print to be sent directly to your home. You will also find my hand-painted greeting cards at: I am a proud member of the South Niagara Artists,

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I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge fellow artists, instructors, and mentors that have influenced, encouraged and inspired me along my path. Much love and appreciation to: Elizabeth (Putzy) Madronich, Susan Fisher; and the late Kathleen Thorsen.

To my family: For all of your love & support, I am eternally grateful. Each and every one of you inspires me on a daily basis. I am so blessed to have you in my life. I love you all xo